Tuesday, November 18, 2014

NoBloMo #17 - I Boardgame

I want to revive something that I started around GenCon. The #IBoardgame hashtag.

This was something I hoped would've sparked during GenCon, but I guss people were too busy playing board games. And that's fine! I'm wondering, though, if people would be up for doing this during BGGCon!

There are a lot of reasons why we enjoy boardgames, and I'd like to know what YOUR reasons are! I still would LOVE to do some type of video/picture montage of everyone's submissions- it could be a picture with you and a sign with the #IBoardgame hashtag on it. Examples!

Simple, right?

So, tweet/email me your submissions! I'd love to do a mini montage of the images, but if it's only a handful, I'll  just retweet them instead. Don't have twitter? Send them to gameritigsuy@gmail.com! It goes without saying to keep submissions clean, but I know you guys will behave. Just remember to use the #IBoardgame hashtag in all your creations!
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