Sunday, November 16, 2014

NoBloMo #15 - Being Crafty

This Sunday's been a bit of a burner, so let's just lay out things I've crafted that I'm proud of.

Dice Tray

I went over the details of this in a previous blog entry. I still use it to this day, and would love to make more. It was rather simple once I measured it out, and I still gush over it from time to time.

Tardis Dice Tray

This time, I went full-on fancy, building this for my brother last year on Christmas. I also posted this in a previous blog entry, though it was more of a journey piece than a tutorial. Well, there was SOME tidbits there, so if you decide to make your own, you can venture forth and give it a shot!

3D Diorama

On the first Christmas of our first child, I wanted to do something elaborate and special for my wife. So, I took some select photos, a small shadow-box collection, and an xact-o knive, and carved up a 3D diorama of ourselves. This was NOT easy, but oh my god did it turn out GREAT! The mini boxes inside can be re-arranged to fit whatever format you want, or taken out entirely to be displayed separately. This was so intricate, I didn't finish until a few days AFTER Christmas.

Cat Bed

Okay, this wasn't particularly crafty, but I heard people were taking Ikea's doll beds to be used as cat beds, and I had to get one today to assemble. Lenny now LOVES it.

What's Next?

Well, there are a couple I'm in the middle of, one of which I've alluded to as the "donut." It's nearly done, though, so I'll unveil that when the time comes. 

The other project, I bought this.

I have big plans for this.
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