Tuesday, April 8, 2008

An April Fools "The Legend of Zelda" Trailer

Post this under "extremely late," but I finally mustered up the "courage," "wisdom," and "power" and checked out the elaborate April Fools' Joke embodied as the Legend of Zelda Trailer that IGN produced. For what it's worth, the style really spoke to me. As for the actors, their choices were questionable. Nevertheless, the entire trailer suddenly made me want to play Twilight Princess (or any other Zelda franchise) a second time around. To battle in the struggle of good verses evil, for the spectacular swordplay, or just to save a princess, the Zelda games have provided endless hours of fantasy enjoyment that, through an expensive joke, has suddenly rekindled the flame in me for this old yet simple genre.

And yes, I must admit - I replayed it a second time. What can I say? The flow of it motivated me, as should any good movie trailer should. If you want the quick-and-dirty view, check out the YouTube embed below. Otherwise, click here.

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