Monday, October 29, 2007

Best AND worst weekend ever

I am weak.

Last Friday, I finally got my pre-order I placed for Phoenix Wright 3 for DS, and was happy to dive into 5 new cases for me to solve on the go.

Then I met up with my brother Saturday, who reminded me that Zack and Wiki was out for the Nintendo Wii. After all the glowing reviews I've heard of this game plus the cheap price ($39.99!!), I went with my brother and bought the game. (Thanks, Ryan.)

So now I had two games to play. Makes sense - I just finished Zelda: Phantom Hourglass and Rogue Galaxy. I'm just queuing up my list once more.

Then "Guitar Hero 3" Sunday snuck up on me. And by "snuck up on me," I mean "jumped me, beat me up, and took my money." Surprisingly, I was able to walk in and pick up an extra copy for the Wii with no reservations! Take that, EB!

But my game count has increased to 3 over the weekend.

I am very weak.

Expect personal reviews of these three games this week.
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