Friday, October 12, 2007

That mysterious smudge...

Today's Brawl update involves something that was used little in the last Smash Bros. title - the snapshot. It was a nice little feature to include, and an even better way to show off how you kicked some Mario ass the last time your friend talked shit about Link. The problem, though, was that it was nestled so far into the game that many people didn't even try it out.

Now that the game's coming out on the Wii, the feature has an even larger role - the ability to save it on the SD card and to send it to other Wii owners! Also, they finally implemented the snapshot feature when you pause - something that would've been the icing on the cake since in the last game you could pan around characters while paused, and that was it.

All of those new features are those I've come to expect. The one thing that wasn't announced was what they blurred off in the last picture. Since everything in the picture is all about capture, do you think my comment on capturing entire movies of battles was far off?

If this caused the delay, then this game will DEFINITELY be worth the wait!

Uh-oh...I forgot, this is Nintendo, and, like salmon swimming upstream, they tend to flow against popular trends. On the complete opposite spectrum, that last option could very well involve that dreaded "sticker" mode - except on snapshots. Oh man, I would REALLY hate to be right on this instead of the movies prediction...
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