Tuesday, October 2, 2007

...If you know what I mean

Nintendo's protective "jacket" for your Wii-mote is...well, insulting. Whether you're a grip pro or a palm sweater, please use the Wii strap! How many other TVs, lamps, and people's heads will suffer until people understand the sheer simplicity of tethering your controller to your wrist?

Now that this anti-slip jacket is out (and free, for existing Wii owners), the Wii strap doesn't look so stupid now, does it?

Thanks to Nintendo, you now have a rubber for your Wii.

Y'know, for protection...in case it tries to penetrate your TV.

Violently, and without warning.

At least you can now give it to your woman, knowing that it's covered.

And she'll appreciate the protection.

So no matter how much she sweats, you can be sure it won't slip off.

Whew, is it getting hot in here?
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