Tuesday, October 23, 2007

This is heavy, Doc

So I made a local trip to the nearby Circuit City during my lunch break and found Guitar Hero 3 all set up on the Xbox 360 kiosk. Score! And, after noticing no one was around, I latched onto it like a leech on an open wound.

They have 5 songs on the demo:

- Even Flow (by Pearl Jam)
- Lay Down (by Priestess)

- The Metal (by Tenacious D)
- Hit Me with your Best Shot (as made famous by Pat Benatar)
- Rock You like a Hurricane (as made famous by Scorpions)

Of course, I started playing "Rock You like a Hurricane" on expert. Then things started going downhill fast.

Now, I don't know if it's because the setup was hastily put together, or that the developers decided to go back to the old way of doing hammer ons and lift offs...but I suddenly felt like I was playing like shit back there. Sure, after a few more tries, I was able to pull it off...but it still irks me in a bad way. (Found out later that they forgot to calibrate the lag. Stupid employees.)

In any case, I need to comb my hair back. The employees were so happy to have the demo up that they upped the volume to 11.

And, for the hell of it, here's that clip from Back to the Future.
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