Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Generic "Best Games of 2015" Title Goes Here

I don't believe in "best games of the year" lists. Mostly because of the abstract naming of the list itself. It's really a biased list based on the plays the person who's compiling the list. When I come to terms with that, THEN I'm fine with reading these lists.

At first, I thought making my own wouldn't really benefit anyone else reading it. Given that my plays were very sparse and mostly solo, I honestly thought it would do no one good except for myself. But a number of people made a good point - that people read these lists to get a feel for others' choice and taste in games, not as anything "definitive," by any means. So, without further's mine. (Hint: The number of plays shown above is in no way an indication on how this list is ordered...much.)