Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Board Game New Year Resolutions. HAPPY NEW CHAIR!

It’s 2018, and it’s been a while since I tried to revisit any form of New Years resolutions in the blog, not since I disavowed making them years ago and jokingly making the ONLY resolution that year to NEVER make another New Years Resolution. Past me was hi-LAR-ious.

But time went by, and things have happened, and I think there are some manageable ways to craft these resolutions instead of the impulse-charged lose-weight-blog-more ones I’ve done in the past. And while yes, I’m writing this at the dawn of the new year, things like this really shouldn’t warrant a complete rotation around the sun for me to initiate (I’d sooner start late April, if I’m honest), but others are feeling it, so might as well join in the “festivities.” Let’s start, shall we?