Thursday, January 10, 2013

No more New Year Resolutions

I'm stopping New Year Resolutions. I don't remember the ones I made last year, and I'm certain I won't remember the ones I make this year. Besides, they're nothing more than statements you know you'll eventually break without knowing. Who has come out at the end of the year screaming, "I made it!! I stuck with this year's resolution!!"

For me, I'll just stick with the ones I make in the spur of the moment; ones that I can complete in a relatively short time span. And being a new father with a recently strong propulsion towards board games on top of my game addiction, short-term goals are all I can afford to achieve.

For instance, my post numbers last year were abysmal. I didn't break past 40 posts for the ENTIRE year, making 2012 the year of fewest posts. Saying I will post more this year won't help much, since I've said that before. All I can do is just post as much as I can, when I have time to.

And really, that's all you ask yourself on a daily basis - what can you complete in a day?

And if you want to be cynical about it, yeah...saying that I won't do New Years resolutions is ironic. But at least it'll be one resolution I can stick with without remembering.

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