Friday, June 1, 2018

A WIP - WIPping Back Into Shape

I said WIPping, not WHIPPING. But now I want strawberries...

Excluding this very paragraph, I don't want to write anything here talking about "oh I've been busy with life to blog about board games" or the like. It's a waste of space, pointless to elaborate on, and is all a colorful excuse to sum up a long hiatus. Personally, I've grown weary of writing them, so let's move cracking the WIP three times!

What I'm Playing (*CRACK* OW!)

BGG solo variant for The Cave

Solo games, mostly. There was a dry spell some time ago, where I couldn't even will myself to open a box, let alone play a game. It's a rut I don't like to be in, especially when there are so many good games out there. Maybe I'm in a foul mood, or busy, or tired...but I'm finally sorta out of it. And, thanks to so many recent titles and their solo variants (or even the fan-made ones from BoardGameGeek), I've been getting more and more games to the table. Since January, some of the more interesting games I've played solo were:
  • Unlock! The Formula
  • The Castles of Burgundy: The Dice Game
  • Finished!
  • La Granja: No Siesta
  • Sunset Over Water
  • Camp Grizzly (Very odd...)
  • The Cave (Played the BGG solo variant, finally. Quite fun!)
  • Ottoman Sunset
  • Birdie Fight!

What I'm Perusing (*CRACK* OH JEEZ)

Like a farmer picking out the best produce from the yearly crop, I've been VERY selective of what games I buy. I want to ensure I get games I know I'll play more than once nowadays, and I've been fortunate in buying recent titles that fit that bill. One that has caught my eye is "Welcome To..." by Deep Water Games. Similar to games like Avenue or Kokoro, players draw cards that dictate what actions they can write/draw/decorate on their neighborhood tableau. It's currently available through pre-order, and its siren call beckons...

What I'm Planning (*CRACK* MY NADS!!!)

A loose representation of my Kanban system used to produce new content.

In addition to the FABULOUS work I've spent on my blog, I have not one but TWO projects I want to bring to life. Both are a little hush-hush, but one will be on Instagram, and the other to potentially be a video channel of sorts. Both will revolve around board games, naturally, and I'm excited to note that both are things I have NOT seen done at all in the board game community. That's exciting, isn't it? I mean, it's exciting, making more content...again...but to do something unique gets me even MORE excited. I could be doing reviews or unboxings or chats or instructional videos...but there are SO MANY other existing content out there that do just that that I feel doing something similar would be lost. I want to stand out, and I'm hoping these projects will do just that.

Now, if you will excuse me...I need to soak in a Neosporin bath. Ow, ow, ow...

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