Friday, January 18, 2008

1980s trend revamped in Brawl: stickers now rule!

Since the announcement a while back, I've always thought the Sticker Collection add-on was ridiculously lame. I mean, at least with trophies and CDs, I can collect a virtual figurine collection or listen to classic Nintendo game soundtracks...but stickers? C'mon! I don't have a Panini sticker book anymore...

But all that changed from crap to awesomeness in today's Smash Bros Dojo update.

Basically, to sum it up, stickers can adjust character stats by applying them to your character's trophy. This is only applicable to the single player mode, but hey...originally, most people thought a sticker collection is just a sticker collection.

This is absolutely cool on Nintendo's part, and ties up an otherwise needless feature. Now I'll collect as many stickers as possible!!

Clever, thing you know, assist trophies might be clues to hidden characters' identities.

How 'bout it, Nintendo? Am I right?
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