Monday, January 7, 2008

Patapon makes me want to lead my own eyeball army

So okay...when I fell off the PSP radar, I missed out on one of the more imaginative titles Loco Roco. Now that I have the PSP Slim and the game as a Christmas gift, I now see what I missed - an interactive, musical piece of art.

I mean, right off the bat, the music is just freakishly adorable - like "the most cutest babies trying to sing 'Silent Night'" adorable. The music in the game is just that lovable. And it only compliments the very simple-yet-fun gameplay where all you need are the top trigger buttons to tilt the world. Add in the solid and playful graphics and eyeballs on everything that moves, and you have a game so sweet you can get cavities from prolonged exposure.

My positive impressions for this game is a good sign as well, since the same people behind this is also soon releasing Patapon, a rhythmic game based on your drum beatings to lead a hodgepodge of tiny warriors into the battlefield. Seriously, we honestly need more surreal games that don't rely so much on graphics and mature content, and less of those that celebrate kicking people when they're down.
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