Friday, January 4, 2008

I got to level 12 AND sent the Browns to the Super Bowl!!

This is merely an observation, and shouldn't be thought about too long, but portable gaming has actually improved, game.

Well, let me clarify. When I say "improve my game," I'm really saying that it has allowed me to play games that normally I would not have time to play, for one reason or another.

What are those reason? Why, I'm so glad you asked!

1. There's only one (cable-connected) TV.

Since my upgrade to an HDTV, I've taken great pains to make my gaming experience on this freakishly large screen an enjoyable one. However, it's also the only cable-connected television in the house, and, bring the considerate one in the room, I'd hate to hog it all up just for video games. I thoughtfully allow the misses to watch some TV while I whittle away a few minutes time on my DS/PSP.

Well, okay...maybe it's not all "sunshine and lollipops," but bottom-line - I cut back on TV gaming. That's not to say I don't play on it at all; only when time permits. Sometimes my wife will watch something on TV that doesn't appeal to me, so I switch on some personal games to keep me occupied.

2. I can bring my game anywhere. ANYWHERE.

All my portable entertainment is always on me wherever I go. I'd elaborate more, but just believe me that wherever I am, you can assume that my games are there with me.

3. Sleep mode is a godsend.

Trying to level up my party? Stubbornly playing some hard level over and over until I pass it? Need to run out and do some errands? No problem! Like magic, I can set my DS or PSP to sleep mode and go back at a later time to finish! Of course, I could do that with a regular console system, but because of Reason #1, it wouldn't be played as frequently.

Disgaea PSP is a perfect example of game progress. In a much smaller amount of time, I've gotten farther in that game on my PSP than on the PS2, simply because I can play it more frequently on the go.

Have any of you guys found portable gaming as your salvation?
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