Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Super Mario Galaxy...revisited

I know I still have tons and tons of games to finish, but there's something about Mario games that make me want to finish collecting all the stars. Plus, with Mario Galaxy, there's an extra bonus after collecting all 120 stars. (Spoiler: You get to play as Luigi.)

Now that I've collected 120 stars, I wish I hadn't.

Thanks to the bonus, it makes you want to play it all over again! And while this is not the first time I've reported such a situation, this time I wouldn't mind playing the game over again. The goals (despite sometimes being extremely short) are quick and easy to accumulate in a short span of time and making it less of a hassle to play. But that's another 120 stars all over again! Thanks for the reward and all, but c'mon...really??

Well, I can perhaps persuade my wife to be my Player 2 this time, despite her frantic wand-waving style. I mean, I found all 120 stars already - how bad can she mess me up?
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