Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Controlling your video game "excitement"

Do video game bloggers carry no remorse? Frankly, I can't understand how people can willingly expose themselves to spoilers for a game that has yet to be released here in a month just to post on their site and attract more traffic to their gaming blog. News has been flooding everywhere of Smash Bros Brawl spoilers that I've officially given up grabbing random screenshots online, for fear that one leak may find its way to me. I've even stopped going to certain sites, simply because they can't help but post what the public wants, which is everything Brawl at the moment.

Sure, you can say that we'll eventually play the game and find them out ourselves in time...but there's still a majority of us who love unlocking extras on our own without the extra guides and spoilers.

This is almost annoying as seeing a person purchase a game AND its strategy guide at the same time. It's like buying a lunch and then immediately taking a dump, just because you can't stand the hour-long enjoyment of eating a satisfying meal and the 2-3 hours of digestion that follows.

No need to rush it. This shit's gonna come out eventually.
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