Wednesday, January 2, 2008

My first "oops" into the New Year

Okay, my very first New Year's resolution? To never miss a post again like I did yesterday. Man, I was completely out of it yesterday. All I remember were bottles of champagne, a sea of balloons, and a fluffy cat to ring in the new year.

But addition to the typical traditional resolutions we make each year, I have a couple of video game resolutions to propose:

1. To finish more of my already-owned games.

Not only does finishing any game that I already own is good on its own, but playing my games keeps me from buying new ones. And as of late, I'm not too good at rectifying this. Hopefully in the new year, I can be more dedicated to at least finishing the story.

2. Never get any old game at full price.

Had to change it to "old" game, since there will always be some "must have" games that I would break the rules for. But for the most part, most games undergo some sort of sale during its release week, so hopefully this will apply to new games as often, too.

We'll see how the new year pans out. What are your video game resolutions?

Forgot one more:

3.'s "resolutions," not "revolutions."

Because, y' much as I love to flip around, I really should make resolutions for myself. (Thanks, shadowxeneth!)
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