Thursday, January 10, 2008

Phoenix Wright: Trials and Tribulations...finished!!

Wow, had to dust off my "finished" stamp for a moment there...been a while since I used it. But the Phoenix Wright trilogy is finally over for me. Throughout all 3 games, the stories have been enticing, and the numerous puns and jokes still carry with it its own brand of enjoyment. Overall, the third installment wraps up everything with a nice bow AND gives you pie ala mode with an extra helping of AWESOME STORY!!

What excites me more than these nicely (but sometimes convoluted) stories is the fact that the new Justice installment, Apollo Justice, is just around the corner. Around February's corner, that is. I'm so happy that Capcom realizes the resounding success of these courtroom/detective dramas enough to quickly bump the release of the next game so fast.
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