Tuesday, January 8, 2008

I mean, they're both cartoon court dramas...except one's funny

Most Adult Swim shows don't really cut it for me, and I'm typically a big cartoon guy. It's just that sometimes their brand of humor is just so off-putting that it scares me what their actual audience is really like to enjoy such random mayhem.

Then there are some that gradually grows on you like some ugly strain of athlete's foot. Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law is one of those shows. And now, thanks to its popularity, it is now a game on multiple systems under the Phoenix Wright genre of courtroom drama plus detective work.

Now I haven't watched much Harvey Birdman, but I do know that he defends (successfully or terribly) popular cartoon characters of the past. And, from the game's screenshots, it looks like the game will now include video game characters into the storyline.

I'm definitely looking forward to giving this game a go, especially since I've (nearly) passed my Phoenix Wright trials (currently near the end of the third installment). Though, what will satisfy my "Objection" phase?
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