Friday, January 25, 2008

Rant on posting spoilers....part 2!!

Okay, does anyone know the meaning of "spoilers" anymore? I go to my two favorite gaming blogs and I find them both posting picture spoilers of the complete fighter roster of Super Smash Bros Brawl right in plain sight!!

Regardless whether it's fake or not (in this case, fortunately, it's fake), that doesn't excuse the act of posting something so visually blatant as the first image someone sees when they visit your site!!

Oh, and to all who say people take spoilers too seriously? You damn right we do!! There are people that enjoy a good game and good story, and want to actually want to play the damn game all the way through. Call me crazy, but I think people enjoy unlocking things on their own instead of having a stupid blogger telling you what to expect in the end.

Oh, we shouldn't be looking up stuff online if we don't want spoilers? Are you saying we shouldn't look up info online at all anymore?? Sites like these are popular because they're constantly updated, and we are a generation on a "need to know" basis. Posting spoilers/rumors without notification to the reader almost makes the site no better than the local tabloids. It's not like we go to some specific site for spoilers and, hopefully, find some actual, factual news posting amongst the rumors.

The bottom line is, no one wants to post something that'll ruin the surprise for everyone least not without the viewer's consent. As long as everyone follows some basic rules, everyone should have a good and spoiler-free time.
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